Snow staying in Merritt Photo KDG

Snow staying in Merritt
Photo KDG

Photo KDG: Public buildings are kept warm and are a good refuge when away from home…

The winter solstice is  a week away on the 21st at 4:44 AM, the days will start to get longer. The Spring equinox 12hrs and 12hrs night and day will be on March 20th 3:29 PM giving an 88 day winter.( strike up some Beethoven)
The 6 days could have had an effect on the start of weather here as we are six days ahead to the 23 degrees that tips toward the sun in the summer season.
Full Moon on Tuesday  another super moon not as close as the November one but still a hunters moon.

moon rising 5/6/12 File Photo KDG

Moon rising 5/6/12
File Photo KDG

Editors: Note Winter is sometimes measured by weather and not seasonal quarters check the local conditions for things like building codes as well as driving needs.

On this Day: December 14th 2004

The Millau Viaduct ( worlds tallest bridge) is opened in France.