The first week of December saw clear skies, twinkling planet’s making 5 point star signatures, silvery moon’s

There is a whole school of thought that the gravitational influence of the moon has a triggering effect on geological  events!

In theory, this slight deformation of the Earth’s crust could be sufficient to trigger an earthquake—like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Most earthquakes occur on preexisting tectonic lines, and the majority do occur as a result of geophysical processes, but there may be some correlation [between the moon] and earthquakes,” Chester said. source National Geographic News

” Geoff  Chester, US Naval observatory. Washington.”

Today: Moon rise 12:22 PM Sunset 4:01 PM.

On this Day: December 6th 1907

Over 300 coal miners die in an explosion Monongah, West Virginia.