700 rivers/ creeks on the trans mountain, expansion., consultation was made to address them. KDG

700 rivers/ creeks on the Trans Mountain, expansion, consultation was made to address them.

These creatures were crossing the Nicola River off Garcia street this week the day before the Trans Mountain announcement. People feel that the health of the creatures are a Bell Weather or Canary in a coal Mine for the state of the environment.
The area is next to a 5 acre piece of property that was just re zoned back the Agricultural from Single Family Dwelling. Human attitudes toward development are also bell weathers and the fact that a family (Gary Ware’s) wish to have a hobby farm as it was in the past speaks well of them. Especially when properties are under pressure for profitable development in the urban centers of the province.
There is a film tonight in Merritt at the local college about frogs and the reading of damage to the environment by the health of their populations.

The film is called Toad People and is sponsored by the local Nicola Naturalists, http://www.nicolanaturlists.ca . It begins at 7PM at NVIT, Belshaw RD, top of the hill. ” Save BC species: contact outreach@wildernesscommitee.org. Suggested donation 10 dollars.

Everyone’s point of view has weight including industrys.


A demonstrator outside the public meeting for the information of waste dumping in the Sunshine Valley File Photo KDG

On this Day: December 1st 1919
Lady Astor becomes the first women MP in the UK.