Merritt has a walk of stars walk and a hall of fame. File photo KDG File Photo KDG

Merritt has a walk of stars and a hall of fame.
File photo KDG

The City, Chamber, mainstream press and businesses have cooperated once again to have a Christmas week before and after Black Friday the day that starts the Christmas shopping season. Meaning there is no big observance day per say in the way of an advent to the 25th of December and Christmas celebrations.
The big one is on Friday a evening parade with Santa Claus and midnight madness of the downtown shopping area of Merritt. Coming this Friday there is hot chocolate in the Canadian Country Hall of Fame in the 2000 block of Quilchena avenue during and after the parade as well as other interested offerings of escape and diversion.

Any day this week can find some activity marrying the commercial and the spiritual to the countdown to Christmas 2016.

Schedules are  published in the Merritt Herald
Editors note: Stay out of unmanageable debt as January can be hell…

On this Day: November 23rd 2015

Blue Horizon’s space craft New Shepard makes a vertical landing after returning from space.