Geo cache hidden photo KDG

Geo cache hidden
photo KDG
Geo Cache sites are fun, when getting access to them make, take, care for hazards like wind bringing down limbs or trees. A tree in the open may be sturdier than ones recently exposed to winds. Don’t turn your back on a large tree that has not been maintained.
Tourism organizations may have done more diligence than online remote websites that rely on placing by enthusiasts.

Gold Country’s GeoTourism Program has researched sites of interest throughout the region under a variety of themes & hidden caches for you to find! Learn about each site while unearthing treasures! Use your GPS or letterbox clues to locate each cache, swap some swag, then re-hide the cache. source:

The site above is called Dumbo 09 and has a visitors log  of 250  since 2012 the latest visit was mid October this year.

On this Day: November 8th 2011

A bright asteroid passes close to the earth, the 300 thousand kilometer distance was 0.85 moon distances away making it the on pair with asteroid 2010XC15 in 1976.