The local Naturlists will be featuring a presentation on ants on the 20th of October. The event is at the local college lecture theater on Belshaw Avenue, top of the hill, in Merritt.

Ants are one of the most successful groups of animals on the planet. About 15,000 species have been described and they contribute more biomass to most ecosystems than any other animal group. Dr. Rob Higgins is an entomologist at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops – a keen naturalist and an enthusiastic speaker. He will describe this diversity of ants and the ecological roles that ants play in British Columbia. He will also talk about new arrivals – the fire ants – that are overshadowing our native species.

No food or drinks allowed in lecture theater.

On this Day: October 12th 1810

Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria hosts the first Oktoberfest for his marriage to Princess Therese Von Sachen -Hiltburghausen.