A lone rally car was seen at the Tim Hortons, the picture is a file photo of a ralley last year...

File Photo:KDG

There is the 2016 edition of the pacific forest rally here in Merritt this weekend. The event will see 22 rally cars on two courses Friday and Saturday.
A ceremonial start will be downtown on Friday between 4:30 Pm and %:30 PM on Granite avenue. The Helmer Lake forest special will then take place followed the next morning by the Dillard forest special. at 9:am. A Mab Lake Forest special will begin at 1Pm that day, concluding with another Helmer Lake Forest special at 3:45
A 9 PM End of Rally: event will see a winners podium at the Desert Inn downtown.
The 2016 Canadian Rally Championships Top standings has Maxime Labrie ahead of the pack with 49 points. His closest challenger is Wim van der Poel at 36.

Wim will be in the race driving car number 003, a Mitsubishi lancer evolution IX FB.


Pacific forest Rally Oct 4-5th

Pacific Forest Rally : File Photo KDG


On this Day: September 28th 1951

Color Television is introduced to the public and then discontinued.

The Rally supports a house for the disabled

Rally for the cause PFR partners with the Abilitas foundation.

A 800 acer ranch provided room for Coldwater Lodge, opened in 2013.