Machine parts, File Photo KDG

Machine parts, File Photo KDG

Editorial Opinion:

Pipeline politics are in the news again, after a visit from the Chinese there is talk of the Northern Gateway project again about parliament. With Vancouver’s opposition to medium size tankers increasing traffic in their neighbourhood it seems a shift is occurring in the flow of activity. Foreign owner ship of expensive properties  subject to a new tax have dropped off .06 % and pressure has moved to Toronto.

We hold that it is in the national interest that one pipeline should be built, that’s the twining of the trans mountain line to Burnaby tankers and all. In fairness to foreign nations and their investments in the Petro industry and the  dynamic we have in law here for private property rights we need to show sovereignty before we don’t have the skills to do a project of that scope and will need development help to do it.

This is the national interest not coast to coast but by pipe but control of our resources and the ability to manage them as a country. PP

On this Day: September 23rd 1641

The Merchant Royal sinks at Lands End, Cornwall England…