Across the street from the post office in Merritt is Spirit Square AKA Legacy Square a project of the very successful winter Olympics held in Vancouver . A peaceful and happy event enjoyed by all. Good will was the lot of many cultural backgrounds and fine memories created.

The local community policing office recently moved in from a block over. They renovated the old ware house once owned by the pioneer Armstrong family that operated a department store in the next block( now housing the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.)  The removable pollards are designed to keep traffic out when occupied by people enjoying the stage and plantings.

Accidents can happen in a moment of time and people who watch out for our security may not be understood when only a lack of freedom of movement is cutailed.


This pollard kept some one off he sidewalk in August.

This pollard part of an infrastructure program was struck by a vehicle
Photo KDG

A pollard at the post office was struck shortly after installation a number of years ago, Mary-Ann ( a local historical fan) pointed out the hazard. ” it kept people on the walk from injury” a source said. It was later removed and not replaced. Go figure….


On this Day: August 31 1997
Diana Princess of Wales dies in a car crash.