Moon rising File photo KDG

Moon rising
File photo KDG

The Moon will be full again on the 18th of August at 11:26:36 AM Central European Time, or 2:26;36 AM Pacific Standard Time. here is a thought from our moon source if you are out standing watching the sky.

We humans have mostly a distorted perception of large numbers. Let’s create a little scenario: imagine, one would take the entire Earth’s population of 7.4 billion people and bring them to Japan, to distribute them evenly. All people in the world in this one country! How many people would be standing on 1 square meter (approx. 11 square feet) in Japan? Take a guess … you immediately would think of masses of people, of the confinement, of people standing shoulder to shoulder … far from it! Every single person would have around 51 square meters (approx. 549 square feet) of space for themselves and the rest of the globe would be deserted …Source Full Moon Info.

A small apartment still possible for everyone to move to Japan. I guess the story that nation started the second world war for fill from artillery shells is exaggerated as well.

Any way there is a chance on the 18th for lovers in all places to enjoy a moment in the moon light on the 18th.


On this Day: August 18th 1920
Suffrage comes to US women by a constitutional amendment.