This person was in the restaurant or the pub, was the seat removed for theft prevention…

Bicycle theft is a common crime committed commonly in cities, areas with high population, as well as on college campuses. According to the Police Department at the University of Colorado Boulder, it was found that most of the bicycle thefts that occurred were due to bikes being unlocked, improperly locked, or locked with devices such as a lightweight cable or low-quality U-lock devices.

One can prevent bicycle theft by avoiding using bicycles with quick release wheels, as these are easy for anyone to take off without the use of any tools. Furthermore, one should use a strong U-lock to secure their bike. One should only lock their bike to sturdy structures and should not leave the bike in one place for too long.

The way in which the bike is locked to the structure is also important. It is important that a wheel and the frame of the bike is locked to a structure so that one’s wheel isn’t stolen and left with only the bike. Source Wikipedia


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