Merritt BC incorporation File :Photo KDG

Merritt BC incorporation
File :Photo KDG

The city had a crew at Voght park this morning, they were running a jackhammer and breaking up some pieces of concrete that had been used as a makeshift barrier to a lane coming from the east. The concrete in two pieces about 4 meters long and something over a meter thick were very hard and full of rebar and were the remains of a public swimming pool that was enjoyed by many kids decades ago.
Curtis a neighbour said that the pieces left were wreaked 50 years ago and then the pieces were put into service as a barrier. There have been two public pools since then and both were heated that one was not. The hot summer sun of the 1960s here made the small pool look very inviting and the stimulation from the cold water put in it was pronounced.

The City would have had a population of about 3000 at that time and Fran Brownfield the teen aged guard would have know all the kids personally.
Voght park was named for the founder of Merritt, and in the early 20th century had all the amenities.

Thanks to the founders and those that added after for the joy of that open pool and Rest in Peace to the remains of that structure.

On this Day: July 20th 1903

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