Canoe quest to north west coast of BC

Canoe quest to north west coast of BC File Photo KDG

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion approved in May/2016 had conditions, one was ongoing consultations .
The expansion will increase tanker traffic from Vancouver, something unattractive to many and in particular First Nations. Because the expansion is considered by the regulator as in the public interest, consideration must have been given to what this will cost us. Including ascetics and life style. The shirt and caricature above was made for a canoe trip by First Nations people up the coast of BC, and shows an attitude that we understand and appreciate.

Large tankers can only be really be appreciated by sailors,  double hulls by engineers,  natural beauty by most and the coast of BC best by the indigenous residents. This will cost us as paying for any necessity does. A consuming humanity awaits and a vigilance demands a balance and respect for the costs and commitment of watchers and attitude molders.


On this Day: June 24th 1938
A meteor weighing over 400 metric tons explodes in to pieces in the earths atmosphere, landing at Chicora Pennsylvania.