A crane drives piles at the 200 million dollar cogen facility in Merritt BC File Photo KDG

A crane drives piles at the start of a 200 million dollar cogen facility in Merritt BC File Photo KDG



The Merritt Green energy project, is now constructing the stack. The construction consortium that are building the 40 Mega watt facility have a height variance of 45 meters in place. It now is starting to be present on the North side of the main building and is visible front he center of town.
Jack Madrigals a local retired man with plant experienced reminded us that the thermal generator in Kamloops a hundred kilometers north of Merritt needed to get another permit to raise their stack to accommodate population. The generator provided and provides electricity for the Kamloops Pulp mill. The operation never exported power off the property.
The Green energy project takes the wood chips from three local mills and produces power to the grid. Wood chips have been going to the Kamloops mill in Kamloops by Arrow trucks made specially for elevated dumping. The Merritt project is constructing the same truck lifting and dumping. According to Len an employee on site.
The Kamloops pulp mill is now operated by Domtar limited, who celebrated 50 years of operation in Kamloops.

The operation began in 1965, when a new and innovative concept for utilizing waste materials from regional sawmilling operations was developed. Sawmill residuals or waste in the form of sawdust and wood chips would be used to make pulp, thereby providing not only economic development in the region, but also addressing a significant environmental challenge facing sawmills of the day. A group of innovative entrepreneurs saw this opportunity and set to constructing a pulp mill in Kamloops.

The Kamloops Pulp mill get wood fiber from 22 interior mills. No word if the Merritt supply effects them however transportation over local use is a Green prerogative.

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