The May 19th decision of the twining of the trans mountain twinning of a pipeline was not an absolute, now the conditions are demonstrated is the next challenge.

The 157 conditions apply during various stages of the Project’s life cycle, including before construction, during construction and during operation of the pipeline. Conditions are designed to reduce possible risks identified during the application process and ensure the pipeline is planned, built and operated safely. The requirements also ensure Trans Mountain protects the environment and respects the rights of those directly affected by the Project through construction, mitigation and into many years of operations.

The conditions, which would be enforced by the NEB, cover a wide range of topics, including:
•Safety and integrity of the pipeline;
•Emergency preparedness and response;
•Protection of the environment;
•Ongoing consultation with those affected, including Aboriginal communities;
•Socio-economic matters;
•Affirmation of commercial support for the Project prior to construction; and
•Financial responsibility.

source :Trans Mountain

Shell Canada giving up expired oil exploration leases in the arctic, is not one of them listed unless you consider it ongoing consultation and expand it to interested parties.
Health and safety of the stakeholders are an ongoing concern . To live up to the adds on environment and economy in balance is  not a mean feat. Its  a great promise but should we just say lets see…


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Trans Mountain has a great record here.

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