Toastmasters club,  File Photo KDG

Toastmasters club,
File Photo KDG

The executive of government still need to be members of the house of commons ( Parliament) and a legal communication and interaction privilege exist in parliament and for some blocks around it. Parliamentary privilege allows the provocation of the executive and others and protects those that use it from being prosecuted for slander. House rules however limits the language to be used, you can not call someone a liar with out being banned front the house until either proven or apologised for.
They constructed the government and opposition bench’s at different sides of the house with a distance of ” two swords lengths and an inch”. This accommodates the privilege to use inflammatory accusation to provoke the truth.
It seems to have been effective this week in Canada.

On this Day: May 20th 1969
The battle of Hamburger Hill in Vietnam ends.