Next year will be one hundred and fifty years of confederation of our country. The country was privileged to benefit from the rule of law and process to bring willing participants into the fold.

Beaver hole

Beaver hole

To get into the nation a legislature debated the merits and passed a law. Then an agreement was signed and ratified by the populace.

Canadian Beaver File Photo KDG

Canadian Beaver
File Photo KDG

Since the early 1980s the process to admit or change the structure of Canada has matured and been made very stable. The constitution act  once enacted has reflected a sense of closure to the age and deportment of a mature nation, and next year on July 1st there will be an opportunity to appreciate that. To accept that closure and permanence. Perhaps to be thankful that people can rest from nation building into a life that enjoys the peace and security that it affords.

Lunch for the national symbol File Photo KDG

Lunch for the national symbol
File Photo KDG

A year and a couple of months will go fast and forethought on how and with who you will acknowledge our good fortune. It came from a lot of work. It will be an opportunity for one of those ” moments in time” that comes rarely to individuals.
Until then, peace, order and good government to you and yours and especially its recent demonstration in Fort McMurray.

Kudos to all involved.

On this day: May 12th 1870

Manitoba is legislated into existence in Canada.