pats clutch
The cost of regular parts from manufactures can be a problem. However there are lots of jobber parts. These are made for replacement of vehicle factory parts that are expensive. Warranty as anything else is not effected by these things in a general sense because all parts are warrantied for ” manufacturers defect” and the failure must demonstrate that. Abuse can’t make warranties  void if there was a defect.

Canadian Standards Association SA

CSA Group provides manufacturers of automobiles, automotive components and motorcycles testing and verification services for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety (for hybrids and electric vehicles), environmental requirements and industry standards.

Our laboratories are equipped with the necessary support and simulation equipment such as active chassis dynamometer, exhaust gas extraction, signal monitoring systems (CAN/LIN-Bus) and remote control systems, etc. With our EMC accreditations by the Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program (AEMCLRP), the German Accreditation Body (KBA), the Luxembourg Accreditation Body (SNCH) as well the Taiwanese Body (VSCC), we are able to provide you with dedicated, knowledgeable experts who understand the necessary approvals to market your products worldwide.

This is the top of the line for comfort and confidence. Still for all the do it your selfers out there, thanks for keeping them honest by using Canadian Tire, Auto Par ,and  others stuff .


On this day: May 11th 1910
Glacier National Park is established in Montana.