Last week the Spius Creek Fish Hatchery and Fisheries and oceans unloaded 170 thousand juvenile fish into the Nicola River at the golf course. They are the produce of about fifty pair of mature fish.

There is much interest in supplementing exploited stocks of fish by releasing juveniles that may be wild caught and reared in nurseries before transplanting, or produced solely within a hatchery.[4] Culture of finfish larvae has been utilised extensively in the United States in stock enhancement efforts to replenish natural populations.[5] The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have established a National Fish Hatchery System to support the conservation of native fish species.[6]

source Wikipedia.

Editor’s note  The Fish on the bank was thrown there by a fishing black bear on the Nicola River. PP

On this Day: April 28th 1932

A vaccine for yellow fever is announced.