A Tesla S File Photo KDG Photo: KDG

A Tesla S
File Photo KDG
Photo: KDG

Mark from Osoyoos was at the Voght street quick charger on the weekend. He sais he was going to Hope for a tesla meet at the hope quick(Tesla provided) charger. He said that his charge here in Merritt cost him about 20 dollars. The rate was at 35 cents a kilowatt hour. A disabled man in an electric cart came by and Mark answered his question about cost ” you would pay 10 cents a kilowatt hour charging your cart at home as would I if I used household power to charge my 2010 Tesla S.”
Mark also related pleasure that 30 Quick chargers have been added in BC including some in the Princeton area. The Voght street quick charger next to the Downtown Tourist Info Center ( the Baillie House) is in the Green lots system its network number is 33013, it sits next to a 90 amp AC charger (70 continuous). The area has restricted parking for EVs.


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The Wignacourt aqueduct is inaugurated in Malta.