Happy Easter Photo KDG

Happy Easter
Photo KDG

There is a little country church about 5 minutes north of Merritt BC at the head waters of the Nicola River coming from Nicola lake. It is said to have been the first of its kind in the valley that was mostly contacted by Europeans in the 4 quarter of the 19th century.
The little church has posted a service notice for the Sunday the 27th at 2PM. It will be done by the minister of the local United Church in Merritt.
Of course its next to the Nicola ranch, and some old buildings as well. Buildings including a court house (unused),a main residence and a store. But the best thing is that this time of year there may be some calf’s being born in the fields and eagles will be trying to steal the birthing remains for a tasty snack. If the weather is cooperating the glint of sunlight on many items will be a visual treat. There may be cowboys about and a Sunday hush will be over the expanse of field and rock. A peaceful mood of rest in the old church graveyard may highlight the bent markers and give an onlooker a key to understanding how toil and hope work together to promise a future then seal the accomplished with stone and rest.


Happy Easter Photo KDG

The church is known as the Murray Church and is on highway 5A leaving Merritt for Kamloops, it represents a whole community and its struggles and success’s in the South central part of the province of BC.
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