A new tesla S going to a home in Williams Lake BC FilePhoto KDG

A new Tesla S going to a home in Williams Lake BC
File Photo KDG

Tesla Model S not in announced green incentives.

Brock, a man charging up his Red Tesla  EV at the Voght street charger said he and the Tesla community were upset that the green subsidy was not on his type of car. The Tesla he drives is considered a luxury car and is not in the 70 thousand dollar range cap for the recently announced incentive for EV’s and hybrids.”they have to meet the commitment from Paris he said and luxury cars being left out is not helping.”
He also said because his car type attracts the luxury sales tax of 10 percent PST the province still would be ahead if they included the Tesla S series in the program.
Brock is says he is an engineer and lives in Kamloops, he sometimes does work for the City of Merritt.

There is slightly less then 12 million dollars committed to the Globe Green plan by the BC government in Paris. The money is to go to clean energy vehicles and promoting clean air and water.

You are now allowed to drive in HOV lanes in electric vehicles without passengers.
There are estimated to be less then 4000 Electric Vehicles in BC .

Because electric vehicles don’t consume gasoline or directly produce greenhouse gas emissions, there is strong government support for their development, production and sale—including, in some provinces, financial incentives for consumers. In Ontario, for example, consumers are eligible for up to $8500 in rebates when purchasing certain BEVs or PHEVs, although HEVs are not eligible. In British Columbia, rebates of up to $5000 are available for certain electric vehicles. And at least one province – Ontario – also has an incentive program for those who install a home charging system. The federal government does not offer consumer incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles.Source BCAA

Live smart BC has info on charging stations as well.
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