ICBC and injury law

ICBC and injury law add  in a  phone book ( to some a nuisance)

There was a young Telus employee at the library in Merritt last week. He had a little coin box in his hand and said that he worked for the phone company and was responsible for all 8000 pay phones in the province. ” I stay in a lot of Motels ” he proclaimed with an air of economic impact! its still a good deal a dollar gets you fifteen minutes of long distance , and there is an innate privacy . “They are still in airports and rural places”

Some estimates say that there is still about 10 percent of the population that use payphones however many are rarely used and revenues are way down.

Some people can’t afford cell phones and some area have no transponder.

The Canadian Radio and Television Commission regulates and licences broadcasting and communication in Canada and in the past made note of community benefits of  the minority as a reason to award. Shaw Cable has local community channels in small communities that often have a one person employee presence.

Eitors note: Good luck to that young man as he defines his life by payphones we hope he also find defininition in some community organization.

On this day: February 23 1987

A super nova is observed, 1987a is seen in the Large Magellan Cloud.