March 13th is daylight saving time, at 2 AM the clock will go ahead one hour giving the clock an hour of sunlight in the evening and taking it from the early morning.

Some tulips are pushing through in a sheltered area outside the house at this writing, some heat from the home has always broadcast into the soil about it and are usually in bloom about Easter weekend.
Sunrise is at 7:29 AM now and sets at 5:25 PM we are gaining about 3 and quarter minutes a day on ward to the Spring Equinox on March 19th at 21:30 Hours.Vernal Equinox is 12 hours dark and daylight and happens twice a year.
Degree days are the number of days of above freezing temperatures needed for different plants. For open gardens planting here is most effective in the second half of May.

Some people have been complaining about Flem in their throats and that it persists this winter, others feel a little sad from light deprivation. Light and warmth is on its way , a month to go to help these and other winter afflictions with a significant change. You can take comfort in the momentum and watch sheltered gardens like the Baillie house here in Merritt for plants coming back .

You can start eyeing the molasses and sulfur for a timely spring tonic in a few weeks.

There is also a total lunar eclipse on March 8th at 11:19 PM to look forward to as you watch the night sky.

The city garden at the Baillie house  File Photo KDG

The city garden at the Baillie house
File Photo KDG

On this day February 12th 1947

The Soviet Union gets am impact crater from the largest recorded iron meteorite to that time.