Auger on Voght Photo KDG

Auger on Voght
Photo KDG

There are some higher power poles being installed on Voght street in Merritt this week. The poles have a three tiered vertical stake system for power lines like the one installed north of town to the highland Valley substation. they end at the Merritt substation underground hub in front of the Court House and at the corner near the Rotary park entrance to the south.
There is a mark out for more poles going through the area of Central Park, ( just got a lacrosse court) and a gated community and on through the golf course and over to the Merritt Green Energy wood waste generator.
An apprentice using a plum bob on a pole says that the remaining 61 KV line west of Merritt is still in place and is to remain. There is unconfirmed talk of another Hydro IPP in the future out that direction.
The 61 KV line was removed from Voght street and was the line to the highland valley before the Green energy project.

The poles on are being steel cased 16 feet in the ground with crushed backfill.
The has town green energy project with 14 people working to complete the 40 kilo watt wood waste burner.

The casing are about the style and diameter used on pipelines. A source says there is an advantage of being able to remove a pole with a jet pump truck.

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