Merritt BC incorporation Photo KDG

Merritt BC incorporation
Photo KDG

The local public library in Merritt is having a night to launch a digitization project done by Murphy Shewchuck and Tom Edwards  at the local museum and archives. The pair used a digital camera to photograph and archive the hard copies of a local newspaper the Merritt Herald. The evening begins a 6PM refreshments are provided by the library a sign up sheet is at the front counter, 1691 Garcia street in Merritt.

A sources says that the record goes back to 1906 and that it will be available at the public library as it as at his writing at the Museum. The record predates the incorporation of the city.

The Merritt  Herald is an award winning paper at the national level. A source at the Herald said it was done with permission.

Editors note: the event is from 4 PM to 6PM refreshments are available according to Anne Pang the person in charge of the event.

On this day: January 27th 1909

The young left is formed in Norway.