Saddle maker Corner of Nicola And Garcia, Merritt BC file photo KDG

Saddle Maker festival era
Corner of Nicola And Garcia, Merritt BC
File photo: KDG

Al Clarke retired from local radio ran a small business for a time away from the mike. The import from Powel River BC to Merritt had a promotion company called media Management.
Well before social media and smart technologies Al had an office in the corner building at Nicola and Garcia avenue, Across from the Grand hotel in Merritt.
Customers included Sanders and Company and forest concerns. We remember a conversation back when the Hedley Blast, music festival, in Hedley BC was failing under the watch of the organizer (locals and noise). Al had a keen appreciation serving an enthusiasm to see possibilities that could bring a festival to Merritt in what was to become the successful Merritt Mountain Music Festival. ( defunct in2010) :
Al is retired now and is a fluent social media friend. Kudos to him for his insights and all the years of watching council and broadcast at Radio NL Merritt and Q101 FM Merritt.
Happy retirement Al you sure were an asset and still are! Al was bringing us up to speed on Blue Monday at his writing.

On this day: January 19th 1936

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