Pipe for oil field File:Photo KDG will they be the bad guy from Paris.

Pipe for oil field
File:Photo KDG
Will they be the bad guy from Paris?

The Paris meetings have recently affirmed that there is will to change , what is different about this international meeting and others is this;usually the bureaucrats have already done the work for agreements or treaties and the elected are there to announce and confer as well as associate with others that have the confidence of the electorate. This time their is a 90 day time limit for conferring with officials after the fact. The cabinet must take their pledges to the ministries in there nations and come up with plans. Here is some of the alternate methods that BC hydro is adopting in response to the markets here already.

Electricity from independent producers must also be clean and renewable. Projects currently generating electricity for B.C. are found throughout the province, and include: ( BC Hydro)

  • Biomass: electricity is generated either by burning or by converting biomass to a fuel, which is then used to generate power
  • Run-of-river: the current of a river is used to generate electricity
  • Solar: energy from the sun’s rays are converted to electricity using photovoltaic cells
  • Municipal solid waste: combustion or gasification of waste to generate electricity
  • Waste heat: when heat is generated as a byproduct of other processes, it can be used to generate electricity
  • Wind: windmills generate electricity when spinning Source: https://www.bchydro.com/news/conservation/2015/hydroelectricity-still-best.html?WT.mc_id=c-15-12_hydroelectricity

Merritt is in the middle of a green energy project now, how this relates to Paris is unknown however it is always desirable for incoming governments to privatize. ( or in this case create new business) . Hydro says they have 100 projects on the go with the above elements.

Editors note: We think the first method of international agreements is preferable to the Paris format. Less surprises over all. That said it was nice to see all those getting along so well in a troubled world. We hope it sticks.

On this day December 4th 1875

Boss Tweed a New York crooked politician escapes prison later recaptured in Spain.