Telus making its presence known in Merritt. Photo KDG

Telus making its presence known in Merritt.
Photo KDG

The Telus bunch working all over this city had a meeting and discussed what they were doing and what to tell people because ” people are asking”. so today one of them said a letter is going out to everyone in town explaining the upgrade. they are also handing out brochures that show that they are bring direct fiber to households, so that you can be “digital right to your digital device” with out analog lines being used to slow speeds down.

They also promote Netflix through Optic to bring thousands of movies to your digital device. They say downloading a full music item will be 5 minutes.

There is information at:

The websites promises 90 percent of Merritt to had 150 Mbp/per second of speed.

Editors note: When it says MBp/s that is Megabytes per second when the b is small it is Megabits . There are 8 bits to a byte. Mega-Bytes is faster service.


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