This land rover is a rebuilt  with . Photo KDG

This land rover is a rebuilt with .
Photo KDG

Land Rovers are iconic to naturalist activity. The British built vehicle also had military application. A source says finding new parts for these in forgotten p0laces were the British military explored the world is a desirable.The vehicle above was made at a land rover business between Merritt and Spence’s bridge a number of years ago.
The 1948 to 1985 iconic style The series 1 was built by Land Rover in Solihull England. They maintain that 70 percent of the all aluminum body vehicles are still in use.
The ” series” version 1948-85 including 1,11,111 were rough riding and the transmission was not that synchronized and required skill in matching engine RPM to shifting. It remains the image most associated with the plains of Africa and deserts of the world.
Editors note this information relys on some personal experience and info from Wikipedia that calls for some more sourcing to be considered fact.

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