Carpets being cleaned of glass after an alleged break in Photo KDG

Carpets being cleaned of glass after an alleged break in
Photo KDG

Vandalism at the Merritt Public library on the weekend caused a delayed opening on Tuesday. The library that is normally open at 10 Pm every Tuesday morning stayed closed for most of the morning to accommodate a clean up of broken glass and removal of remaining glass in the window frame on the north side of the building. The Vandalism also resulted in a theft with the front door of a video player being broken open and electronic games taken. A source says that the electronics were recovered.
A source with a glass company attending the scene said calls to the library are down since they removed landscape rocks from the property. “we must have been here about 8 times in the past.” The library was built in the 1990s taking the area of the out of service train station, and moving from a building in the 2000 block of Granite avenue.
The library just received new carpet a few months ago.

Update: Electronics taken, a play station 3 and an I pad for children’s use are said to be in the hands of the Mounties, the I pad was said to have been found outside the building and the play station in custody is presumed to have left the property. The I pad is talked about having had blood on it.

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