Merritt has stopped watering on Wednesdays for the rest of the regular restriction time in September. Sources says that the water measure is 8 feet down from the top. and the dam at Nicola lake did a good job of keeping water in the lake a few miles upstream on the Nicola river at Nicola lake. The city’s water wells are within meters of the two rivers that meet at Merritt. One the Coldwater was said to have stopped running completely in the 1940s. And is low enough to stop fishing and have assertions done in Local papers about transferring water directly from it.
The amount of water let into the Nicola river is believed to have an effect on the flow of the Coldwater as it provides a resistance at the joining point of highway 8 coming into Merritt from the west.

Surface water from lakes and rivers  as well as creeks are under water licence and changing the flow or removing water with out permission can cost you!
Here is what people in the lower mainland are up against with restrictions that prohibit watering lawns or washing cars.

Don’t worry about your lawn. Water your veggies, plants and trees slowly, and in the morning. Worship your shade trees (and think about planting one or two this fall for future summers).

And get used to the heat, because it’s the new normal.

These nuggets of advice (and more below) are courtesy of BC Hydro vegetation maintenance manager Gregg Hallaway, a man who knows a thing or two about plants and trees. And for the record, he doesn’t have a shade tree in the yard of his North Vancouver home.

“No, I don’t, but my neighbour does,” says Hallaway, who oversees vegetation issues around BC Hydro’s distribution power lines in the Lower Mainland. “There’s a nice big Douglas fir and a hemlock in my neighbour’s yard that provide me with great shade in the late afternoons and evening.”

Shade is a valuable asset during the Big Drought of 2015, which, combined with well-below-average winter snowpacks on the south coast and Vancouver Island, has led to escalated watering restrictions. Check your local city or municipality website regularly for updates on those restrictions, and follow a few of the following tips to get you, and your plants and trees, through what’s threatening to become a more common weather pattern here in B.C. source: bC hydro For Generations:

Plant some trees this fall for next years shade , and talk to your neigbours about things before they go wrong….PP

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