An Irish flag fly's over the Merritt Green Energy project. Photo KDG

An Irish flag fly’s over the Merritt Green Energy project.
Photo KDG

An Irish Flag flys over the Merritt Green Energy Project. Two main structures, culverts, and ditching about the project is underway with crews from Acres Construction who travel from Kamloops in a 15 passenger van daily. Canada’s national flag is seen slightly higher on the ascending buildings.The project is reported to be in the 270K range and will result in a 40 Megawatt steam generator. The green wood waste burning plant is going into the provincial power grid.
EN:Skill and professionalism may replace luck but a bit of Irish can’t hurt.
The Merritt Green Energy Project is the second biomass plant project being developed in British Columbia by Dalkia and Fengate. In November 2013, they announced the financial close on the $235
million, 40 MW Fort St. James Green Energy Project, which is expected to begin operations next year.

Fengate Financial have arranged the financing for the project : FMI see the press release at:

The project also has an agreement with the Lower Nicola Indian Band for impact issues.

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