Windy Canyon  Merritt BC Photo KDG

Windy Canyon
Merritt BC
Photo KDG

There is a narrow canyon ascending to the south from the old Middlesbourgh town site at Merritt.The Sandstone was probably eroded by a long since dried up spring but the narrow walls give a shaded relief to the animal trails in it. Making it a pleasant hike. The canyon and trails surface on a field that once was home to an industrial coal operation before the 1st World War. Some bits of it remain including  some few broken bricks. The bricks are related in a sence to the bricks used to build the local armory finished in 1915. The 18 inch double, sand, filled walls of the building on Coldwater avenue’s 1800 block are according to Archie Rutz , an Elk member , who own the building, as coming from there.

Some dirt tracks lead up to the secluded entrance of the gully that is at about  50.09910 and 120.8026. There is also a 4 min google maps route available: Garcia Street to 1295 Midday Valley road.

In 1910 there  was also a railway for logging with a 6 percent grade in the area that went into the Lilly lake area and hooked up to the Kettle valley line. It is now a bike trail that goes to the Coquihalla area through Brodie and Brookmere.

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