Pipeline politics are on again!  Has any one ever asked the question why is  oil not refined at sea and taken by tankers off rigs to retailers. Maybe the technologies are non existing. Why not? Can water also be desalinated  on off shore rigs cleaned up and taken away?  Possibly but the politics of oil is the politics of wealth and seems to be very guarded.

Locally hearing by January the recommendations a possible decision 0n if we will have a twinned line come through Merritt still makes us conflicted between knowing it is someone’s necessary evil and some else’s path way to wealth . We at this blog (royal we) hope that what ever the NEBs report is  that it mitigates and distributes the benefits closer to ordinary Canadians birth expectations and rights….Here’s what the responsible operator of the 60 year trans mountain line says of the countdown to decision.

It’s been nearly two years since the head of Kinder Morgan and the company behind the Trans Mountain Pipeline project addressed the local business community about the project, and it was at a time when any formal decision to proceed was a couple years away.

On Tuesday, Kinder Morgan president Ian Anderson was back in Coquitlam speaking to the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce to provide an update on the billion-dollar pipeline project.

He said the National Energy Board is expected to issue its recommendations to the federal government in January, which in turn has another 90 days to accept or reject the project.

In the meantime, he said the energy company still has a lot of work to do on the design of the project, the emergency response plans, and dialogue with First Nations communities.

Kinder Morgan is proposing to expand the 1,550-kilometre pipeline that carries oil from Edmonton to Burnaby.

The proposed pipeline route in Coquitlam would run east of the Port Mann Bridge through the Fraser River, hitting land near United Boulevard.

The line would follow the road west past the Eaglequest Golf complex before meeting up with the Lougheed Highway corridor to Burnaby.

The cities of Coquitlam and Port Moody along with the Village of Belcarra have been given intervener status, which allows the municipalities to ask questions and receive answers through the NEB process.

Anderson, who last spoke to the chamber in the fall of 2013, said the company has listened to some of the local concerns about the project, noting Trans Mountain originally intended to use the Colony Farm area as a work site, but opted not to after hearing from the community.

He also said the company has heard from businesses along United Boulevard about the disruptions from years of construction in the area, and are trying to mitigate the impacts from any pipeline construction.

– See more at: http://www.thenownews.com/news/kinder-morgan-exec-updates-local-stakeholders-on-pipeline-plan-1.2000611?utm_source=Trans+Mountain+Today+July+16&utm_campaign=TM+Today+7%2F16%2F15&utm_medium=email#sthash.MkeFlCVI.dpuf

The balance of the worlds wealth is important, and the use of income needs to be in responsible hands, lets not squander that or make the world worse but wealthier . The way these things  are done is as important as doing it. PP

Editors note: The decision remains in the hands of the people of Canada through responsible elected and the rule of law.

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