Driven in part by eco footprint a couple starts life a little different.
photo KDG

A young couple were on their way home to north central BC on Monday they had just bought a new home. The home was off the grid on a wheeled Vin numbered  tow trailer. For $50,000.00 the two hundred odd square foot home included a sleeping loft The home was meant to be parked off the grid. A Japanese stand up bath tub and a shower were the only thing in the small second room in the rear of the home. The appeal is no taxes and its paid for. The area of the province they live in  probably still supports squatting, however acquiring land would certainly lead to an attractive future. The couple said they just want to be free and not trapped by debt.

The unit was built in the Untied States , ordered and paid for 2 years ago when the dollar was at par. They took it complete except for finishing paint as ” we are not sure of the colour we want yet.”

Editors note: staying with the program can lead to success but taking risk can add a flavor to life that is unique. Both are acceptable and considered rights in Canada. The ability to arrange your life to your advantage may cause someone else difficulty as well as your self. Forest cutting rights as well as road usage and private land are a restraint and if you were to do something like build a tree house you may be surprised. Permission while not always required is still desirable.

On this day: June 30th 1953

The Chevy Corvette goes into production.