The last indoor meeting for the year is on June 17th at the NVIT Lecture Theater, starting at 7PM and will feature bear and other wildlife photography by Ontario native Kyle Blaney.

Kyle Blaney is an avid nature photographer from Belleville, Ontario who has extensively travelled all over North America. He is visiting our area while on a photo/camping trip from Ontario to Vancouver via Northwest Territories. In this presentation, Kyle shares his favourite photos, discusses where they were taken, and talks about his photography techniques. Note: that this meeting is on a Wednesday rather then the regular day of Thursday.

The Nicola Naturalists President is  Alan Burger PhD, U Vic and has presentation meetings by guest speakers during the year and has a number of nature programs including a frog monitoring one and a Christmas bird count. It is an NGO and operates with volunteers. Membership includes a newsletter and insurance for outings. It is under the umbrella of the provincial naturalist society. On this day: June 16th 2010 Bhutan bans tobacco completely.