The Diacarbon Energy corporation is running its plant here in Merritt and a source says that there are 18 jobs there. On a visit to the plant this week one of the addition bins were on a feed by an active conveyor. The company is to produce White wood pellets and bio coal.
The company expanded the property with two bins after acquiring it from the failed Highland wood pellets. The construction of the original plant involved government money and promised 50 jobs. The plant ran and packaged some wood pellets but ran into problems with moisture content. The pellets were attempted to be marketed for floor-ground cover in barns and other applications involving livestock.

Specialized in research and development of clean tech renewable energy products, Diacarbon has focused its efforts on perfecting its bio coal product, and now aims to produce this on a mass production scale this coming fall.

The plant was previously owned by Highland Pellet Manufacturing Ltd and came equipped with machinery allowing for the production of wood pellets. Diacarbon sees this as a great opportunity to expand its product line to offer a more established renewable energy product and will begin production of its wood pellets product this summer.

Diacarbon has selected state of the art technology from Europe and USA to be installed on its plant site and has taken great care to ensure its equipment is of high quality, efficient and environmentally friendly. Diacarbon is using local contractors and approximately 12 new employees from the Merritt region to complete the development and installation of equipment at its plant site. Once the plant is fully operational it will require a total of 25 employees to operate the facility and will create job opportunities within Merritt.

Merritt has a history of coal production dating back to the end of the 19th century, it was curtailed in after the second world war, in part due to engineering problems.There is no indication of coal mining at this writing. All coal mines were back filled at their portals with old cars and fill decades ago.
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