A sparrow was sitting on the pavement a the start of the week, it was very still and quite it did not respond to my presence however it when move with the side of my foot it would flutter its wing it seemed content to stay and brood on the pavement.

To many people across the world, the house sparrow is the most familiar wild animal and, because of its association with humans and familiarity, it is frequently used to represent the common and vulgar, or the lewd.[230] One of the reasons for the introduction of house sparrows throughout the world was their association with the European homeland of many immigrants.[81] Birds usually described later as sparrows are referred to in many works of ancient literature and religious texts in Europe and western Asia. These references may not always refer specifically to the house sparrow, or even to small, seed-eating birds, but later writers who were inspired by these texts often had the house sparrow in mind.[39][230][231] In particular, sparrows were associated by the ancient Greeks with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, due to their perceived lustfulness, an association echoed by later writers such as Chaucer and Shakespeare.[39][194][230][232] Jesus’s use of “sparrows” as an example of divine providence in the Gospel of Matthew[233] also inspired later references, such as that in Shakespeare’s Hamlet[230] and the Gospel hymn His Eye Is on the Sparrow.[234] source Wikipedia.

The bird and I parted company without any trauma and I enjoyed the closeness and sense of connection for as long as it lasted.

On this day: April 29th 1997
The Chemical Weapons Treaty of 1993 comes into force banning those weapons by signatories.