A driver for Jim Lamb Contracting from Kamloops says that he is hauling logs from Peter Hope Lake to the local to Tolko’s mill here in Merritt.The routing is on highway 5A, Aka the old Kamloops road. He says he makes three loads a day and when asked about breakup something that could last three months at one time he said ” we don”t know”. The driver affirmed that he can not make money with the 70 % axle restriction on the highway. He makes three trips a day now from the popular recreational area north east of Merritt, just past stump lake :http://www.bcadventure.com/adventure/explore/high_country/merritt/peterhop.htm.
A colder winter may effect the length of restrictions on the highway when frost comes out of the ground.
Tolko industries is having a green wood waste burner built beside its operation in Merritt. The burner will co generate power into the BC Hydro grid.

Today in history:January 14th 2005
The Huygens probe lands on Saturn’s moon Titan.