The 25th of November saw the Arts council have its annual meeting at the Old Court House Gallery. The Non Profit posted committee reports including financial statements as well as electing 7 directors. They also struck a committee to find a full-time volunteer person to manage the gallery. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Bill Edmonds and Dr.Don Macleod, patron of the arts, sat next to him in the chairing position. Directors for the 2014/15 season are: Bill Edmonds,Christine Dooley, Andrea McVean, Jackie Stibbards,Mill  Juricic, Lizette Nels,and Don Mcleod.

There were no responses to a call for nominations from the floor, no voting bar was established and no dissent given by the interested members. The AGM was advertised with notice in the local paper The Merritt Herald.

The financial position notes a deficit in income over expenses for the last year of eleven thousand dollars, 32 thousand on 43 thousand. The balance sheet shows 43,870.10 in equity, 29 thousand of that is a grand piano at the Civic center downtown.

The concert committee report notes a poor result of the concerts and a lack of a person to take charge of it will see no concerts planed for the coming season. It also invites a person to step forward to change that. The arts council has had concerts for 33 years in Merritt, and has little problem with attendance.
Today in history: November 28th 1964

A probe is launched toward Mars in the Mariner Space program.