Merritt Post Office Voght and Granite Photo: KDG

Merritt Post Office
Voght and Granite
Photo: KDG

There was an ocean effect snow fall(our term) here in Merritt last night, as witnessed by a confused seagull circling the Rail yard mall , we can only imagine that the megalomaniac looking down would think that his droppings were not usually that pronounced.
Seagulls come with air flows from the coast and signal wind and weather change. The forecast is now to turn colder after the next two days with over night lows going to well below freezing for Friday and Saturday. Hope the snow lasts.
A tradition of Canadian Prime ministers is to go for a walk in the snow when contemplating calling an election.The PM still has that prerogative however elections have been put on a four year cycle with a semi fixed date. ( we don’t think it has anything to do with global warming) Jean Chretien went for a walk in the snow before risking trying for a 3rd term below. The fixed date is in May….

Today in history November 27th 2000

The liberal party of Canada wins a third term with an increase in members over the previous term.