My Dinner with Stephen Hawkings:

Dr. Don McLeod local patron of the arts and owner of many ex public buildings including the old public library now the  Culture club on Granite avenue is inviting people to come and hear his talk on what he got from a dinner with Stephen Hawkings.

The evening at the Culture Club starts at 7 PM  on October 16th and will have a recounting of the conversation including black holes, creation of the universe discussed last month.

The Merritt Culture Club is the home of the local say so society ant is at 2058 Granite avenue in Merritt BC Canada.

Say So Expression Society: Come read poetry, sing a song, or speak your mind at the Say So Expression Society! $20 for a year’s membership. For more info call (250) 315-5673

Doctor Mcleods talk on thursday is a free, public service , talk FCFS.

Today in history: October 14th 1947

The speed of sound is broken for the first time by Chuck Yeager in the Bell X 1 rocket powered aircraft.