The local fire men were in front of the downtown community policing office with an information table on Monday. They were promoting National Fire Prevention week. One of the fire fighters when asked about a national statistic said that 50 percent of people who die in fires did not have a smoke detector. He said that people should have them and make sure they are in working condition.The young man thought that the average live of a smoke detector is 10 years; ” they don”t always chirp when that batteries are low” he cautioned.

The man in response to the question are fires in beds and couches are caused by smoking he replied< "they are down as less people smoke" National Fire Protection Week is coordinated between Canada and the US and always occurs in the week that October 9th is in. this year it is October 5th through 11th, however it should never end.

Today in history: October 7th 1987
Jeremy Brockie, New Zealand , footballer born