bears leaving fish in park

A fish dropped by bears when feeding. file photo KDG

A lady reported that bears have been about and one took a piece out of her iron gate. Helen a resident of the north end of Garcia street says that a big black bear is about and a mother with two cubs.

Its been said that when bears are feeding on meat they are more dangerous to people then when eating berries and grubs, regardless care should be taken  the regional district has a bear aware program.

Bears On The Prowl Before Hibernation

Thompson-Nicola Regional District

For Immediate Release (November 19/12): The Bear Aware program and the Thompson-

Nicola Regional District would like to remind everyone to ensure their community stays free of

bear attractants this month as bears make final preparations for hibernation. Bears aim to gain

two to five pounds per day during this period, so they are on the lookout for any easy meals.

Surveys conducted in the last two weeks revealed that

garbage bins, barbecues, and yard waste are the top three bear

attractants in many neighbourhoods. Compost, bird seed, and

outdoor fridges make up the rest of the items noted in the surveys.

Bears have recently been sighted throughout the TNRD

and reports indicate that garbage left outside was the attractant

in most cases. Help your neighbourhood be Bear Aware this

year and next by following these simple steps:

• Store garbage inside or in a bear-proof container until disposal. Do not put garbage

outside the night before pick-up.

• Do not place bird feeders outside until Dec. 1.

• Keep barbecues clean and free of residual food and grease.

• Feed pets inside and store pet food indoors.

• Mix compost regularly or treat with lime to reduce odour.

• Pick any remaining fruit and share with friends if you have too much to handle.

The Bear Aware program would also like to extend a warm welcome to two new

enthusiastic volunteers in Clearwater.

To view bear sightings in your area, check out the new Bear Aware interactive online map

at that locates bears and identifies attractants. For more on bears sightings,

go to

The Bear Aware program is sponsored by the TNRD and the Ministry of Environment.

Please report sightings or conflicts with bears to the Conservation Officer Service’s RAPP hotline

at 1.877.952.7277.

Bears and humans cannot coexist at some point there will be an action taken.

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