Hurray up and wait, there is pressure on speed limits to go up in the province, the province paper is reporting that school zones are going from 30 KM to %0 KM per hour in some places. The Coquihalla highway in BC has just had its maximum limit go from 110 to 120 KMs per hour, this is on par with divide freeways elsewhere we are told. modern vehicles and road construction particularly freeways do lend themselves to faster speeds. However there are still some wreaks on the roads and some drivers that may be a problem.
Decades ago the united states brought in a nation wide 55 miles per hr to combat fuel shortage that seems to have gone by the boards. Perhaps Electric vehicles and hybrids are pushing the issue. We say drive at a speed that is safe for the conditions at all time.

Today in history: September 3rd 1997

A Vietnamese air liner , a Russian built Tu-134 crash’s on approach to the airstrip at Phnom Pen, resulting in 64 deaths.