previous elections and those that vie for power: file photo KDG

previous elections and those that vie for power:
file photo KDG

The Civic election is November 15th 2014,there are usually 6 councillors and one mayor up for election, although there was talk of having a split term there appears no change for positions at the City Government.
To be a candidate there are few qualifications,

There are various disclosers and rules for financing a civic campaign,it may be more that a novice can take on. However every person should have the opportunity to have their voice and perspective be in the voting bar of a civic council. good luck.

New this election is the term length of 4 years, it may be a precursor to split terms after 2018.
The old municipal act once said that to run you could not be in a contention with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (an incentive to drop.) This is no longer expressed.
There are also 3 positions on School district 58 on the ballot.
The construction of the Tolko co gen and the 130 KV line are going to be in full swing at election time, vote.
Candidates packages are available August 22, through city hall, non resident property owners may also qualify for candidacy, however there seems to be a 30 day actual residency in Merritt. In the past the Tolko mill manager lived in Kamloops and held a seat on Merritt City Council.

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Women are welcomed into the United States Marine corps for the first time,