There was an other Tesla EV at the charge station on Voght on Monday night. This one was the model that has the near 500 kilometer range and is only electric. The charge gauge was at 90 KM and it had 3 hours and 45 minutes to finish a complete charge. It was hooked up to the AC charger next to the 120 amp DC charger that a Nissan leaf used Sunday evening. The Leaf owner Julian said that he had to watch his speed as he came from another DC charger in Hope. “It was near running out before I hit the peak of the Coquihalla and the system in his car began to use gravity to recharge the battery”. He said there was a net increase in the charge meaning he had kilometers left when arriving in Merritt.The AC charger at the Voght street is talked of as being a 90 amp charger the product plate on the side of it says 70 amps. The more amperage the quicker the charge.
There are AC chargers at City hall on the other side of Voght, in the 60 amp range, and one behind the Civic center, there is also one at the Husky station, leaving Merritt going north. There is a Boston Pizza across the street from the Husky but no coffee shops or fast food outlets have put any in here as yet.
A General Motors Chevy Volt was seen charging at City hall last week.Merritt is a small community in the south central part of BC, it is in the center of the Coquihalla highway hub.

Today in history: July 23 1995

The comet Hale Bopp is discovered, it becomes visible to the naked eye a year later.