There is a lake up in the Coquihalla Valley , a small lake about 1000 feet wide  in a narrow area. The lake has cabins on it and it is considered scenic. The access is off the freeway near the Juliet creek bridge, in the area of Larson hill. There was a fire South of there and presumable from the conditions of wind and conditions the two helicopter  working to extinguish the fire had to go over Merritt and to Nicola lake to get their water buckets filled. The fire was discovered Monday, thought to have been started by lightning it has prompted an evacuation order for the  residents in the area, of the fire, not Merritt. The order comes from the Thompson Nicola Regional District.

The Vernon info news has published what an evacuation order means to those effected by it:

The absence of  helicopters being seen going by Merritt  Thursday to Nicola lake may mean that ground crews are in there and have a measure of control over the fire.

Get authoritive information at the regional district site: click the red button to see what it means to you.


Today in history: July 18th 2013

The government of Detroit files for bankruptcy with a record 20 billion dollars of debt.