A fire between a store at the end of the 2000 block Quilchena avenue in Merritt destroyed a building that housed 2 business’s in the down town core of the city. The fire was observed by the public some time after 9PM on Monday June 30th /14. Considerable smoke filled the area and the fire was contained and put out by the Merritt Volunteer Fire Department.The fire fighters were observed the next day on fire watch behind the work BC office at the end of the 2000 block.

Spirit Walker, and Stars Hair Salon were destroyed as a well sources say  that the building had apartments above the street level and two people also lost their homes. Four apartments were unoccupied.  A source says there is a fund-raiser being planned for one of the business owners not covered by the loss.

There was also damage to a pet store next to the building, no injuries are being talked about by sources.